The Jessica Manicure Revealed

For Amanda Davenport, 52 of Poulton-le-Fylde, Spa on the Breck has become her personal haven for ultimate relaxation and pure indulgence.

Since it opened at the end of May, Amanda has escaped to the Spa nearly every week for treatments and now brings her Mum and daughter Becky with her for special pampering time together in the Spa Journey once a month or so too.

As a full time estate agent with Tiger Estates in South Shore , Amanda maintains that by ensuring she makes time for herself she can stay on top of the day to day pressures of the job.

Manicure with LouisaSo far Amanda has enjoyed regular manicures, pedicures, the Vitamin Boost C+  facial and eye and waxing treatments.

We joined Amanda during her manicure treatment with therapist Louisa Blofeld to find out more about her experiences and indulgences at Spa on the Breck.

“It’s really important to me that I make time for myself and visiting the Spa makes me feel good.

She added: “The girls are fabulous, friendly, welcoming and very knowledgeable. An important factor for me is the cleanliness of facilities like these and every room here is absolutely spotless.”

Therapist Louisa Blofeld joined the team on launch bringing 17 years experience with her. She started out as a very young apprentice in Saks and then trained as a beauty therapist before progressing to Spa Manager on a number of the Royal Caribbean Cruise lines.

Louisa talked us through Amanda’s Jessica manicure treatment and they both revealed some useful tips too!

  • Amanda’s tip: When having a manicure, remember to pay before your treatment starts to save your gorgeous new nails from scratches and smudges when you dive into your handbag.

The Jessica manicure commences with sanitising and removal of any existing varnish. Louisa then applies the Jessica Nourish therapeutic cuticle formula to soften and moisturize the cuticles.

To a backdrop of relaxing instrumental music and with the scents of shea butter slowly radiating throughout the Spa’s dedicated Nail Room, Amanda enjoyed a hand and arm massage with Jessica’s ultra rich hand and body moisturizing emulsion which helps prevent signs of premature aging while leaving the hands and arms feeling silky smooth.

Jessica Manicure at Spa on the BreckLouisa then gently rests each hand in a warm soap free hand and body bath solution to prepare for cuticle work which includes the use of an electronic cuticle refiner which vibrates and softly lifts the cuticles for trimming.

Jessica Phenomen ‘almond’ Oil is then applied to rehydrate the cuticle and stimulate nail growth.

  • Louisa’s Tip: During filing and shaping never zig zag across the nail, always file in one direction to avoid splitting and breakage of the nail.

Following filing and shaping Louisa uses a buffing machine to remove excess skin and nail while buffing nourishment around the nail leaving a pleasant tingling sensation around the fingertips.

Then it’s the Jessica ‘wipe and squeak’ test to ensure all oil has been removed before varnishing commences.

  • Amanda’s Tip: Before varnishing commences make sure you have your car / house keys out ready and put any jewellery like a watch back on, again to limit the chances of your newly varnished nails getting scratched or smudged.

Amanda Davenport3Amanda has chosen Jessica’s Sensual colour and before application, Louisa applies a coat of Restoration which restores and rebuilds damaged nails from foundation to surface.

Two coats of the lustrous Sensual colour is then brushed onto the nail with a further coat of high gloss shine and a single drop of quick drying oil onto each cuticle which then covers to seal the colour.

Leaving natural nails polished to perfection.

The 25 minute manicure at Spa on the Breck is just £20*. Enhance with a Deluxe Manicure which lasts 55 minutes for £30*.
*YMCA member discount applies.

And thanks to Spa on the Breck’s new customer spa rewards scheme, Amanda is enjoying her next Spa Journey for free too!

You can Request Your Booking for Treatments and the Spa Journey Online.