Spa Journey

Escape to Spa on the Breck and let your senses guide you through the Spa Journey and its nine complementary experiences designed to relax, purify and revitalise.

Your journey to total relaxation begins as you step inside the monsoon experience with 50 litres of water washing over your skin and preparing your senses for 2-hours of pure uninterrupted bliss.
Immerse yourself and feel the benefits of this holistic retreat.

You can now enjoy our new Twilight edition, complete with mood lighting. Our Twilight journey is available Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 6pm-8pm.

Find out more about what’s included in your 2 hour Spa Journey package below.

Succumb to the harmony of the natural elements within each experience.

Aromatherapy Room
Feel the gentle warmth around you and experience total relaxation as you breathe in the infusion of natural aromatherapy essences.

Foot Spas
Sit back and relax on the heated seats while the bubbles gently massage the tension away from your feet and ankles.

Spa Pool
Step in, relax and unwind as hundreds of tiny air jets gently massage your whole body. Treat stiff and aching muscles to a deeper massage using the body jets located around the sides of the spa pool.

Monsoon Shower
Turn down the heat of the monsoon for contrasting stimulation to your skin and your senses.

Ice Fountain
Rub crushed ice into the body to stimulate your circulation, lymphatic and immune system. Also use to cool the body down following steam or sauna.

Steam Room
Let the gentle warmth of steam infused with natural essences totally relax your mind and body.

Salt Steam Room
Relax and breathe in the natural sea salt vapours to clear the mind and feel invigorated, while the steam soothes and restores the skin.

Experience an intense dry heat to induce muscle relaxation while deeply cleansing your body.

Heated Relaxation Bench
Savour the experience and relax here a while for deep warmth to the whole body.


The Spa Journey

Price – £20 per person. Discount available with current YMCA Fylde Coast membership.

Age 16+ (16-18 year-old’s are must be accompanied by an adult 18+)

5 and 10 visit passes also available from £80.
Suitable swim wear to be worn. Robes and flip flops provided.
Open daily: Mon & Tues 10am – 6pm. Wed, Thurs & Fri 10am – 8pm. Sat & Sun 9am – 5pm.

Pre-booking advised to avoid waiting times.